Movable TypeWords are meant to be savored, whether in English or American Sign Language (ASL). And that’s the philosophy behind Savory Words Publishing: to provide products by Deaf authors, and to give Deaf authors a specialized outlet for their books.

Publishing a book used to be a monumental challenge.  You’d submit your manuscript to a publisher, where it would likely sit on a desk with thousands of other manuscripts.  A tired, overworked reviewer would read the first few pages of your manuscript and then send you a form rejection letter.

Savory Words Publishing doesn’t work like that. Since we only publish a few books a year, we can take the time to give your book the personal touches it needs, provide guidance, and make sure that readers savor every word you share. Your story, your words.

Savory Words handles the nitty-gritty details like ISBN numbers, editing, designing, formatting, publishing, and getting books onto the market. We also partner with our sister company, T.S. Writing Services, for editing and design services. That way, you can focus on what you do best: creating new stories and works. It is our goal to have you feel as if each book you write is personally attended to, and that the results are outstanding.

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