Savory Words Publishing

Based in Frederick, MD, Savory Words Publishing was created in response to feedback received through its sister company,  T.S. Writing Services: “Now that you’ve edited my book, where can I get it published?” Owner Trudy Suggs was frustrated by the lack of publishing resources in the Deaf community, and wanted to address this gap. She also knew that Savory Words would be a great way to expand the number of Deaf-centric books by Deaf authors available to the community. In 2013, as part of T.S. Writing’s 10th anniversary, Savory Words Publishing was established.

As a specialty publisher, Savory Words believes in quality over quantity. Only a select few books (print and digital) are accepted each year. This helps ensure that each book is the very best it can be.

The Teamtrudy outside tanktop notebook

Trudy Suggs, Owner

Countless photographs of Trudy Suggs as a child shows her either reading or writing. Even today, she is often found reading in between working as a writer and editor and juggling her determined children’s schedules. She has authored a book published by Penguin Publishers, and also has edited numerous published books. She  has a popular personal blog, and is always happy to share her perspectives (okay, opinions) about the world.

Editors and Reviewers

A team, consisting of genre-specific editors and reviewers, works on each manuscript submission to ensure its fit with  Savory Words. Each team member is a professional within the community and/or genre, and brings valuable insight and feedback to the publishing process.