The thrill of a printed book

Many of us remember the thrill of buying a book at the bookstore. A mystery, a thriller, or an adventure lurked within.  We couldn’t wait to get home to start reading; some of us even  started reading the book in the car on the way home.

The tactile sensation of the pages, the smell of the paper, the rough texture of a classic hardback all bring back memories of  hours spent nose-deep in  pages going on imaginary journeys or sharing in someone else’s life. Typically, a book would be published in hardback first, and then paperback.  Boxes and boxes of books would be produced in a single run, on spec, in the hopes that they would sell.

Today’s print-on-demand capabilities allow a book to be simultaneously published in both hardback and softback, in a variety of formats and sizes.  The various editions of the book can be tweaked, so that readers have the best experience possible.  A larger hardback book, for example, would allow for larger photographs to be printed on better quality paper.  Once ordered, the book is printed and shipped immediately. Printed books also have longevity: they will outlast e-readers and tablets, remaining just as usable and useful today and in 50 years.  That’s why printed books continue to be so popular in today’s digital age.

This modern-day flexibility in publishing increases the options available to readers, while simultaneously removing the huge financial burden upon on the author and the publisher. The experts at Savory Words work with you to design your book in a way that enhances your content. You’ll know that your readers are seeing your work the way you intended, and  readers will savor every page.


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