A library in your hands

Stack of old newspapers and a tablet pc on the wooden tableWhere the printed book has emotional nostalgia going for it, e-books are convenient.  The concept of carrying around more books in a single device than most people will own (or read) in a lifetime is amazing.  Amazon’s smallest Kindle, for example, currently can hold over 1,000 books.

Being able to instantly purchase, download, and start reading a new book within a few minutes is something that many people appreciate, either from the consumer side (those who read will read more) or the author side (easier downloading means more books sold).

Today’s publishing allows authors to simultaneously release books in print, and as e-books.  This spans both markets, and the sales of one format encourages the sales of the other.

E-books can also sell at a lower price, as a result of minimal or no overhead costs in printing, storing, or shipping. E-books are also easily edited and updated.  While print books may list the author’s previously published books, e-books can be slightly edited to include all of the author’s works, even those published later on. And that’s not all. E-books can include hyperlinks, multimedia (photos, videos, graphics, sound, and animation) and other interactive contents. This is especially handy for authors who want to publish books in both American Sign Language and English.

Whatever you want your e-book to have, Savory Words can help put it together.

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